Our staff are highly skilled and qualified professionals with years of experience in the disability services sector. They are committed to the organisation and its vision, with most of the staff having worked at Moe Life Skills for an average of ten years.


Carole 1

Dr. Carole Broxham, Chief Executive Officer
Carole started her career with Moe Life Skills in 2007. She has worked in a range of community based services for over 25 years. Her work has included: planning and developing a range of residential and day placement options for people with disabilities, coordinating the development and delivery of adult education programs within the Social and Community Services sector, in aged, disability and youth/child. Carole has also been involved in curriculum development and teaching postgraduate and undergraduate education programs to students in medicine, nursing and health sciences. Carole has provided consultancy to community based disability services in the review of existing services and to help determine opportunities for improvement and the development of operational plans.

Carole has recently completed a:

  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) at the School of Rural Health, Monash University

Her research explored how changes in service provision have influenced and shaped the lives of people with an intellectual disability and their families in the Latrobe Valley.


Janine 1

Janine Pickard, Operations Manager
Janine joined Moe Life Skills in 2006. She has over 10 years of experience supporting people with disabilities and over 20 years experience in management at Moe Life Skills and in other related industries. Previously Janine worked in the Power Industry in Administration, Corporate Services, Human Resources, as Safety Advisor and an OH&S consultant.

Janine manages the resources which are dedicated to the operations of Moe Life Skills in the design and delivery of its supports and services. Her role includes overseeing and coordinating activities which contribute to, and ensure, organisational effectiveness and efficiency. She is a member of the Senior Management Team, Quality Team and reports to the CEO.

Janine holds a number of qualifications including:

  • Diploma of Management
  • Diploma of Applied Science (OH&S)
  • Certificate IV in Training & Assessment
  • Certificate IV in Disability

Janine has volunteered extensively in community for many years, including school boards and committees. A keen sportswoman, Janine has a 25 year history of leadership roles at various clubs.


Wendy 1

Wendy Gibson, Team Leader
Wendy is one of the founding staff members of Moe Life Skills, having helped establish the organisation in 1985. She watched the construction take place and she along with other Moe Life Skills members contributed to landscaping the Moe Life Skills gardens. Wendy is a member of the senior management team and is the team leader. She is responsible for planning and developing relevant programs for participants. Wendy says “there is no endpoint to continuous improvement.”

As well as her role in management, Wendy also teaches Healthy Cooking and together with Luana helps the participants to produce and perform the annual Moe Life Skills theatre production.

Prior to joining Moe Life Skills Wendy worked at Cooinda Hill as a teacher. Wendy holds a number of qualifications including:

  • Diploma of Applied Science in Home Economics at RMIT
  • Diploma of Disability Work



Luana Brock, Education & Training Co-ordinator
Luana has worked at Moe Life Skills since February 2001. She is the Education and Training Coordinator and a member of Moe Life Skills senior management team. Luana is responsible for the implementation, development and delivery of Moe Life Skills’ pre-accredited training programs (ACFE). She is also the Work Health, Safety and Wellbeing (WHS&W) rep and the Authorised Program Officer (APO).

Luana teaches the Newsletter, Drama and Active Living and Fitness 4 You classes and along with Wendy helps the participants to produce and perform the annual Moe Life Skills theatre production.

Luana has extensive experience in the industry, having begun her career over 40 years ago as a volunteer on recreational camps for people with intellectual disabilities. She has considerable work history as a support worker and in residential units and home. Her highlights prior to joining Moe Life Skills include the Department of Youth Sport and Recreation, Department of Human Services, Traralgon Special Development School and SCOPE (now vista).

Luana’s extensive experience is complimented by her qualifications, which include:

  • Certificate IV in Community Services (Disability Work)
  • Certificate IV in Community Services (Mental Health)
  • Certificate IV in Assessment of Workplace Training
  • Diploma of Community Services Management
  • Advanced Diploma Disability Work



Jen Devers, Senior Support Worker
Jen joined Moe Life Skills in 2011 and she is a member of the Senior Support Staff. She works closely with the participants enrolled in the Self Advocacy class, and together they have formed a lobby group. Their most notable achievement has been the installment of a pedestrian crossing for the community at the roundabout near the centre. Jen says it has been a privilege to witness the impact Moe Life Skills participants achieve through their work.

Apart from the Self Advocacy class, Jen is the lead staff for Performing Arts and Advocacy.

Jen has many years experience in the disability industry. Prior to working at Moe Life Skills she spent several years teaching at GippsTAFE and she has sat on the committee of Moe Friends of the Disabled. Jen frequently attends workshops, lectures and tutorials, by local and overseas professionals, working in the disability sector.

Jen has a number of qualifications, including:

  • Advanced Certificate in Social and Community Studies (Disability)
  • Associate Diploma of Community Services and Workplace Training and Assessment



Rosie Pambris, Senior Support Worker
Rosie has been with Moe Life Skills since October 2010 and works as a Senior Support Staff member with a passion for working closely with individual participants. Rosie says that the most rewarding things about her job is when the participants let her into their lives so she can help them to achieve their goals and aspirations.

Rosie is extensively involved in teaching our programs including Personal Development, Life & Living Skills, Healthy Lifestyle, Capacity Building, Cooking and Gardening & Community Access programs. Rosie’s professional approach to teaching is to create an environment that makes learning fun, whilst also developing each participant’s skills. The focus of Rosie’s classes is the pursuit of each participant’s SMART goals which include preparing simple healthy food in healthy portion sizes, community participation, accessing public transport, development of communication skills to meet daily needs, making and responding to simple requests, application of literacy and numeracy skills to a range of daily situations, and learning to budget money.

Before joining Moe Life Skills Rosie worked for 21 years as an early childhood carer. Rosie’s began as an assistant and throughout her career progressed into the positions of group leader, 2IC and Acting Director.

In 2009 Rosie obtained her:

  • Certificate IV in Disability Work



Sharyn Thompson, Hub Coordinator

Sharyn commenced in this role in March 2016. Her role is varied with a primary focus on the development of the high street community hub into a venue that is both used and enjoyed by the Moe community.

Sharyn has a health and project management background and worked closely with Aboriginal communities and organisations for eight years prior to commencing at Moe Life Skills. She was also a senior member of the Department of Human Services in Gippsland for around 8 years managing Alcohol and Drugs and Aboriginal projects. Sharyn also undertook projects as a consultant in a variety of fields.

Sharyn enjoys working at Moe Life Skills because it is an amazing opportunity to work with the local community and people of all abilities.

Sharyn has a number of qualifications including:

  • Bachelor of Nursing
  • Graduate Diploma in Drug and Alcohol Studies
  • Graduate Certificate of Natural Medicine
  • Certificate of Management


Bonnie 1

Bonnie Lai, Marketing & Projects Officer
Bonnie joined Moe Life Skills in April 2016 to assist with its rebranding and marketing activities. She has undertaken a rebuild of the organisation’s website and launch of its Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts.

Bonnie enjoys working at Moe Life Skills because she feels lucky to be part of a great culture where participants, staff and board members are treated as equals and everyone is challenged to the best of their ability. She can’t say enough good things about Moe Life Skills and hopes people will come and find out for themselves what a special place this is.

Bonnie has a business and education background, having worked in business development for various organisations in Hong Kong and Australia. She has a number of ongoing projects and splits her time between various business and local community projects that she feels passionate about. Bonnie has recently been involved with a project aimed at tackling youth unemployment and education barriers in the Latrobe Valley.

Bonnie holds a degree in:

  • Bachelor of Communications (Advertising, Public Relations and Journalism)