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Georgia says she joined Moe Life Skills a while ago. She has been involved in a number of exciting projects such as successfully lobbying for a pedestrian refuge outside the centre with her Moe Life Skills advocacy group and speaking at a disability conference about her work experience. Georgia is also an active member of our community; she volunteers at Lifeline and the Salvation Army, and at Narracan Gardens Nursing Home in between her classes. Of Moe Life Skills Georgia says, “It’s a good centre. They’ll enjoy it. Good staff and good students”.

“I work at Lifeline as a volunteer. I serve customers and put stuff away. I like it. I work at the Salvation Army. I serve customers at the register and work on the weekend and as they need me. I like, have to make eye contact with people because I get nervous sometimes. And I work at Narracan Gardens helping take the residents there for a walk, keeps me busy. I joined MLS a while ago.

[At MLS] I do Advocacy with Jen, Newsletter, Towards Independence – shopping, Have a Say forum and catching the train. Next week we’re going to have a look at Angela’s artwork. Tuesdays is Rosie’s program – cooking and shopping, travel training. I like to do Newsletter with Luana on Mondays the most. We put a newsletter out every 2 weeks; for tonight’s play it will be on the front cover. Our newsletter goes out to hospitals and nursing homes. For the newsletter I sometimes write the birthdays section and Luana edits it for us.

Mondays – Certificate I Transition Ed – we graduate in a couple of weeks.

Tuesdays – Rosie’s program doing travel training to Traralgon, Morwell, Warragul, and Melbourne. Literacy and Numeracy with Andrew and Justin and some other people. We do writing and we talk about English.

Wednesdays – Work placement at the bowling club. Narracan Gardens in the afternoon and then Vinnies.

Thursdays – I’m at Lifeline I do admin and serve customers.

Fridays – I’m at Advocacy with Jen, Justin, Andrew, Kathryn, Chris and Rodney.

Advocacy – We done the road. There was an accident a while ago so we’re trying to put a road out there, a refuge. It was pretty good. We went through council, Sharon Gibson.

Conference – Have a Say. We’re presenting next year but we have to do some work to on the presentation. People get together and you meet new people and do stuff. It’s a four-day conference. Last year I did a presentation on working at Siccario in Yarragon because I worked there.

MLS – It’s a good centre. They’ll enjoy it. Good staff and good students. “